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Theatre Royal, Drury Lane


Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, London, is possibly the most haunted theatre in the world, housing several thespian ghosts.

The most famous of these apparitions is probably the 'Man in Gray', who appears during the day, but never at night, in the auditorium of the theatre. He is dressed in elaborate costume, including a tricorn hat, powdered wig and cloak, and carries a sword. Some believe that this ghost is linked with a man that was murdered in the theatre some 200 years ago, whose skeleton was found in a sealed room backstage with a dagger still wedged in the ribcage.


Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Actors rehearsing for their opening nights have spotted the ghost, which most believe to be a good omen, as the plays where the ghost has appeared during rehearsals generally are a great success.

Another ghost that has been seen in the theater is believed to be the spirit of the comedian Dan Leno. This apparition has been spotted in the dressing room that inhabited in his acting days.



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