Zurich Mansion* was first inhabited on October 31st, 1666. Since that day, residents and visitors alike have experienced such strange happenings that all but the bravest few have been driven away. Dr. Bruce C "The Professor" Schmidt &  Heather Schmidt, both who have devoted their lives to the study of ghosts, have gathered together the evidence they have painstakingly collected over the many years and brought it here to Zurich Mansion for your tour.

On arriving at the mansion for your tour,  Professor Schmidt  will set you a challenging task. They will ask you to join them on their quest to uncover the truth about the paranormal -- are there really such things as ghosts, or are they just intriguing legends? Join them if you dare, and use the evidence that you will find around the mansion during your tour and this Website to make your decisions.


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Do You believe in the Supernatural?  "Haunted Mansions of the World" is a collection of stories relating to many famous locations around the world - we hope you enjoy your visit.  The original Zurich Mansion is a collection of short stories which were created by Dr. Bruce Schmidt 'The Professor'.


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