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Clandon Park


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Clandon Park is situated in Guildford, Surrey, and is thought to be the creation of Venetian architect, Giacomo Leoni. It was built in 1735 but it was over 100 years later that any reports of ghostly phenomena were made.

In 1896 an article was published in a publication by Ada Goodrich-Freer. She had become interested in Clandon Park after a former tenant had refused to live in the house any longer because of the haunting. According to reports, a lady dressed in white had been seen walking across the gardens of the house, holding an extremely large and dangerous-looking hunting knife. When servants saw her they fired their guns. Instead of slumping to the ground as you would expect, the lady carried on walking and vanished into a wall of the house.

Even though more than twenty servants had witnessed the phantom lady, Miss Freer remained skeptical until she herself witnessed a ghostly figure at the house. She was invited to the house in 1897 and, as she was walking up the stairs, she saw a beautiful woman wearing a ball gown. As she approached her, the lady vanished and was never seen again.

There is no explanation for this figure, but the lady dressed in white is thought to be Elizabeth Knight who was once the mistress of the house. She drowned herself in the lake, but it is not yet known what she intended to do with the knife.




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