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Treasurer's House

Treasurer's House is situated in York and is thought to be haunted by a variety of ghosts.

treasure.jpg (56563 bytes)A member of the Asilabie family who once owned the house is said to have haunted the rooms for more than 300 years. Sir George Aislabie was killed in a duel over the honor of one of his guests and has haunted the place ever since.

The most remarkable ghostly sighting, however, occurred in the 1950s when a plumber was installing pipes in the cellar. He heard the sound of a trumpet being blown, and as the noise drew nearer and nearer, a huge horse came through the wall carrying a soldier in Roman costume, followed by an entire army on foot.

Excavations in the city have found that the road level in Roman times was much lower than it is now, which is probably why the soldiers were only visible from their thighs upwards.



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