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Leeds Castle

eeds Castle is set romantically in the middle of a lake and has been home to many famous historical figures. For the past seventy years or so it has been without its only ghostly inhabitant - a phantom black hound.leeds.jpg (26454 bytes)

In the past, the black dog was thought to only appear if something awful was about to happen. It was seen walking along the passageways, where it would suddenly vanish or walk through a wall. A few days later someone would die or a terrible accident would occur.

One of the most famous stories of the black dog was witnessed by a former owner of the house. She apparently was sitting at a window when the dog walked into the room and walked out again through a solid stone wall. The old woman got up from her seat to investigate, and no sooner had she done so, the window and the wall near to where she had been sitting suddenly collapsed in to the moat below.




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