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This rocky part of the Cornish coast is said to be the place where King Arthur was born. The ruins on the coast are thought to be his castle, and the King himself haunts them.

TintagelLegend has it that once a year the ruins of the castle vanish and in their place returns the complete castle in all its former glory.

It is also thought that King Arthur's Round Table is buried at nearby Bossiney Mound. Once a year, at midnight on Midsummer Eve, it is believed that the table rises out of the ground and stands in the moonlight. However, visitors to the area on this particular night have not witnessed the magical table but instead have seen a glowing light appear at the windows of the chapel, despite the fact that the chapel is always locked at night and is totally uninhabited.

Just below the castle is the cavern known as Merlin's Cave which is said to be haunted by the ghost of Merlin himself.



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