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50 Berkeley Square

In the late nineteenth century, mainly due to a great deal of press coverage, 50 Berkeley Square was known as the most haunted house in London. Years before, it had been rented by a Mr. Myers. The man had become an eccentric recluse after he was jilted by his 50 Berkeley Squarebride-to-be, and took to wandering the house each evening by candlelight. The peculiar behavior of Mr. Myers attracted the press, and gradually the tale of the 'haunted house of Berkeley Square' began to emerge.

The room in which Mr. Myers was reputed to lock himself away in during daylight hours was said to have a terrible, chilling atmosphere, although since the building has been converted for business purposes there have been no reports of untoward happenings.

A maid living in the house after Mr. Myers was found rigid with fright in the upstairs room. It appeared that something there had caused her to go mad with fear. A skeptical guest asked to stay in the room for the night, and promised to ring the servant's bell once if he was comfortable and twice should he become 'disturbed'. That night the bell rang out clearly, and after a pause, a second, more frantic ring was heard. when the residing family rushed to his assistance, they found his lifeless corpse in the bed.

These are not the only strange occurrences within the walls of 50 Berkeley Square. Many other occupants have allegedly gone mad or died suddenly. Others have told tales of a 'shapeless, slithering, horrible mass', which has left them terrified and repulsed.

Below is an email sent to us about 50 Berkeley Square

I was in London at the end of March and I took a Ghost Walk.  We did not go to 50 Berkeley Square, but it was talked about.  Our guide told us several interesting things: At one point, he had a man on the walk who works for the company now occupying the building.  The man told the guide that in the company policy, it is written that the last two people working at night leave the building together.  No one is to be left alone.  Another time, there was a couple who lived in the adjoining building.  Their 8 year old daughter slept in the top bedroom.  When they heard about 50 Berkeley square, they got very frightened.  They then said that for the past 6 or so months, the daughter had been waking up saying that there was a man at the foot of her bed and she was frightened. 

The next day, my friend Aly and I decided that we wanted to visit 50 Berkeley square, so we took the tube to area.  once we got there, we decided to go inside.  We rang the bell and told the woman that answered that we just wanted to look around.  Inside, on the ground floor, is a notice in a frame attached to the wall.  It was written out by the police around 1950 (I can't remember the exact dates) and it said that the top floor of the building (the one that is so violently haunted) was not to be used - for anything.  Not even storage.  The premises were declared 'unsafe'.  The building itself seemed perfectly sound.  However, the notice was still on the wall because it still hadn't been revoked.

That night, Aly, myself, and my parents, were eating at a pub nearby and we decided 'why not, let's walk by the place.'  Thrills and chills, etc.  We approached the building from the opposite side of the square, watching the top window.  I could see some sort of light, but I assumed that it was a reflection of something and I was just being silly.  Then I noticed that Aly was staring at the light as well.  Our first thought was that it WAS a reflection of a street lamp.  However, as we changed position, the position of the light didn't move.  It was inside the room.  Our next theory was that it was a light from the staircase.  No go.  Aly and I had been inside the building that day and the staircase was on the other side of the room.  The light sort of seemed like a cloud-shaped thing.  Just a light.  We stayed outside of the building for nearly an hour.  In that time we checked the back of the building to make sure no light was shining through and we watched the window.  The light would get brighter and brighter and bluer, and then it would get dimmer and more gray.  It also got bigger.  When we first got to the building, it took up the 4 bottom corner panes.  At one point it filled the bottom 2/3 of the window entirely.  Then, the light actually moved UPWARDS, and below it, in the bottom row of panes, was darkness, proving that the light was not coming from the floor or the staircase or anywhere.  That is when the four of us decided that it was time to leave.

I still have nightmares.

I say that 50 Berkeley Square is indeed still haunted.  One of the only people to ever make it out of the building alive after seeing the creature said that it looked like nothing he had ever seen before - a shapeless, hideous being.  I've done my research, and there were plague pits - mass graves for victims of the plague - in that area of London.  The exact location has been lost.  I think it's possible that the building has been built over this plague pit.  The people that died of the plauge were often bundled in sheets because they thought that it would help the disease from spreading to those who buried them.  This would also explain why the girl in the house next door - and the woman in your account - feel things occasionally.  Those houses are built on the edges of this pit. 

Thanks for your time

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