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Sandford Orcas Manor

This eerie looking Tudor manor house in the heart of Dorset is reputedly home to no less than fourteen ghosts.
Sandford Orcas Manor
The ghost of an eighteenth century farmer has been seen on many occasions, wandering around the house and its gardens. As the story goes, he hanged himself from a trapdoor in the house, and even though the door has long since been boarded up, the farmer still roams around.

A rather sinister ghost of a footman can be seen throughout the Manor and is thought to have preyed on serving maids when he was alive. A priest is also thought to haunt the Manor and, rather terrifyingly, attempts to smother sleeping guests with his cloak.

It seems a great deal of sinister goings-on have taken place in the house at one time or another, including the murder of an employer by his servant, whose ghost now haunts the place, and also a young sea cadet who, after killing one of his friends, was locked in a room for the rest of his life. His screams of madness can still be heard today.

Amongst the other ghostly inhabitants are an old 'White Lady' who can be seen on the stairs, the sound of music coming from an empty room, footsteps walking down empty corridors and the sound of loud knocks and weird dragging sounds.



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