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Bettiscombe Manor

This famous manor, tucked away in a village of the same name in Dorset, is also known to many as the 'The House of the Screaming Skull'. It has belonged to the Pinney family for Bettiscombe Manor1hundreds of years and it is a member of this family that is connected to the ghostly tale surrounding the house.

In 1685 Azariah Pinney was banished to the West Indies for supporting the Duke of Monmouth. He soon became a successful businessman and eventually returned to England. With him he brought one of his black slaves but soon after they arrived in England the slave became ill and died. His last request was that he be buried in his native home, but instead Azariah buried him in the local churchyard. Terrifying screams and moans came from his grave and doors and windows banged and rattled in the Manor so much that the slaves' body was dug up. In the process however, his head became separated from his body, but for a time all the noises and activities ceased.

Bettiscombe Manor2
A few years later a new occupant of the Manor was so appalled by the sight of the old skull that he threw it in the lake. As soon as he did so a piercing scream filled the air and only stopped when the skull was brought back in to the house. Ever since, the skull has reacted in the same way when it is removed from the house. The present owner keeps it in an old box tucked safely inside the Manor.



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