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Watton Priory

Watton Priory in West Yorkshire is built mainly in Tudor style but there is also ruins of an eighth century nunnery and monastery on the site. It is haunted by two ghosts, both of them women grieving over their lost children.

Watton PrioryThe first ghostly lady came to a bloody end after Cromwell and his soldiers raided her home and found her and her child hiding in a cupboard. When she refused to tell them where her treasures were, they took her child and beat it to death and then cut its head off. The room where these brutal murders took place is reputedly haunted by her headless ghost. She is seen wearing blood-soaked clothes and holding her dead child in her arms.

The second ghost to haunt the old priory is that of a nun. Legend has it that in the twelfth century, a child was placed in the nunnery and as she grew up she turned into a beautiful woman. As the nunnery was next to a monastery, it was not long before the young nun fell in love with a monk. They met secretly every night until the nuns eventually found out about their affair and called her to them. The now pregnant young woman confessed to the nuns and they attacked her, stripped her and locked her in a dungeon, with her feet and hands bound by chains. Meanwhile, the young monk was brought to them and was brutally attacked in front of the pregnant nun. A few days later the baby was born and the nuns took it away and left its mother to die.

The tragic nun is now believed to haunt the fields and the grounds near the old Priory looking for her new born child.



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