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Hermit's Chapel


Bodmin Moor, which surrounds the chapel at Roche Rock in Cornwall, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Jan Tregeagle and his despairing cries.

Tregeagle was an unpopular local magistrate in the seventeenth century who managed to earn a great fortune through dubious deals and swindles. He spent half of his fortune on Hermit's Chapelbribing the clergy to bury him in consecrated ground when he died, even though he had committed some awful crimes. This did not help him in the end, for only a few years after he died he was brought from the grave to appear as a witness in court.

Legend has it that a court case was taking place which involved a piece of land that, when Tregeagle had been alive, had wrongfully claimed was his. As the judge was rounding up the case, the defendant called another witness. The room developed a sudden chill and then Tregeagle appeared in the witness box. After an initial pause while the court recovered from the shock, he was cross-examined and found guilty of fraud. His spirit remained in the court room despite the verdict. Tregeagle was passed over to the local clergy, who took it upon themselves to set him tasks that would keep him occupied for all eternity; as long as he toiled, he would be saved from the Devil.

He was given the task of emptying the bottomless Dozmary Pool with only a cracked limpet shell. Packs of headless hounds guarded him, ready to attack if he stopped working for a single minute. One night, he did stop working because of a tremendously fierce storm and ran across the moor to the chapel at Roche Rock, the hounds in hot pursuit. When he reached the church, he only managed to thrust his head through the window and his body was left to the hounds. His screams were so loud that eventually one of the clergy came to his rescue, freed Tregeagle and banished him forever to the moors.

The ghost of Tregeagle can now be seen wandering on Bodmin Moor performing endless tasks and mournfully crying over his misfortune.



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