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Abbey House

This sixteenth century house in Cambridge stands on what used to be Barnwell Priory, which was established in 1112. Over the years it has been home to many strange incidents and spirits, including a ghostly squirrel!

Abbey HousePerhaps the most frequent ghost that has been seen is that of the 'Gray Lady'. She has been seen walking along the path of the house, and is thought to be the ghost of a nun who once had a lover at the Priory. She and her young man were eventually found out and consequently were punished for their sins. As the story goes, she was put into a room, walled-up, and left to starve to death.

The House is also haunted by another lady, this one called the White Lady. She reputedly haunts the bedrooms of the House and no explanation can be found for her presence.

The ghostly squirrel that reputedly haunts the grounds of the house is also accompanied by a phantom hare. The squirrel can be seen running along the wall of the garden and onto the grass, but whenever someone approaches it, it simply vanishes. The hare is seen in the garden too, particularly when there is snow on the ground. Like the squirrel, it too vanishes without a trace.

Other ghostly manifestations include the sound of clanking chains, the moving of furniture, the appearance of a disembodied head and mysterious raps and groans.


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